Fightz On are deeply honoured to partner with the Defenders Of Freedom Foundation and its founder, Donna Cranston to aid in the mission to fix the tragedy of veteran suicide. Let's hear it from Donna who will tell you all about DOF!



Dear Friend,

The first hand I shook back in 2004 at the DFW Airport was that of an American Soldier who was coming home from Iraq for a two-week R&R. It sent a wave of gratitude through me that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I knew right then that my life had changed forever. I had no idea what it meant at the time, but it began a journey with Defenders of Freedom that has been both rewarding, and frustrating.

I have met many Veterans who walked through cheering crowds at DFW airport. Their stories of gratitude were heart-warming. At the same time, I have been heartbroken because there were no cheering crowds, or even a listening ear, while a Veteran slept in his car for yet another night or struggled to leave his house due to unaddressed post-traumatic stress (PTS) or traumatic brain injury (TBI). For many reasons, Veterans are not receiving the proper care for TBI and PTS, nor are they receiving adequate preparation as they are transitioning to civilian life.

I knew we had to do more than just welcome soldiers home. We began helping wounded and transitioning Veterans who were struggling and we continue this mission today. With 22+ Veterans killing themselves each day, we must forge ahead in this battle.

Through the large number of Veterans we have assisted over the years, we have identified and now primarily focus on two of the most critical areas of need for transitioning Veterans: proper treatment of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and financial assistance to struggling Veterans in their transition.

Please take time to read and absorb what we are doing to help address these needs. Together, we can make a difference for Veterans. With the proper support and guidance, they can emerge to become our communities strongest leaders.


Donna, Founder & CEO



Between 2004 and 2012 Defenders of Freedom welcomed thousands of Troops as they arrived at DFW airport. Over 15,000 care packages were went to 80 bases and outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan during the same time period.

During those years, Donna Cranston founder of Defenders of Freedom, came to realize the challenges that so many Troops faced when they came home from their military service. The organization began offering direct financial assistance to Veterans.

In 2012, the focus of the organization shifted from welcoming Troops at the airport and sending packages overseas (the Army shut down the R&R program with the withdraw of Troops) to supporting Post 9/11 Veterans with financial and medical needs. TBI being the most pressing need.

Whether suffering from PTS or undiagnosed TBI, the ability to work, sleep, and even leave their homes, for some, it becomes debilitating. This leads to the inability to pay their rent and even put food on the table for their families. Many have difficulty maintaining close relationships.

Often, Veterans receive improper diagnosis so they are not eligible for benefits that would properly support them as they take time to heal.

The downward spiral can lead them into a dark place they cant climb out of by themselves. The solution is three fold:



Through a series of rigorous interviews, Defenders of Freedom identifies post 9/11 Veterans who are in need of financial assistance. These Veterans may need help with rent, utilities or even groceries. This assists us in identifying Veterans who may need further assistance with the Veterans Administration, medical care, or treatment for undiagnosed PTS and TBI.



Leaving the structure and camaraderie of their military Troops can present daily challenges for which many Veterans are not prepared. We make sure Veterans know they are supported and cared for by Americans.

Defenders of Freedom offers activities to build camaraderie among Veterans. Golf outings, shooting activities, fishing hunting, and get togethers allow post 9/11 Veterans to connect with others who have experienced war time trauma.



TBI is the signature wound of the wars for post 9/11 Veterans. What we have learned through our work with Veterans, we believe TBI is the most undiagnosed, untreated injury that Post-9/11 Veterans face today. We have also learned that traditional pharmaceutical treatments, for the most part, only address the symptooms, not the injury. Through our partnership with Dr. Gaudet, a functional neurologist, and her approach to cutting-edge brain treatments, many Veterans have seen remarkable improvement, recovering from depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. They return to work, heal relationships, and find restored hope and peace. We also look at their chemistry through our partnership with Las Colinas Pharmacy, offering natural supplementation when needed.



We have partnered with Dr. Scharlene Gaudet and Las Colinas Pharmacy to treat TBI. We look at the physiology and chemistry of each Veteran that we send through the clinic. In addition to many physical issues Veterans live with, their chemistry is often out of balance which obstructs their ability to heal. Low testosterone is very common in patients with TBI, yet most are not aware of this. We address this by getting blood work through our partnership with Las Colinas Pharmacy.

We believe treating TBIs is foundational to Veterans for healing and living their best life.

The treatment is 2 weeks long, 2 1/2 hours per day. Veterans begin to feel a difference within the first couple of days of treatment.


Defenders of Freedom has assisted hundreds of Veterans, keeping them in their homes, lights on and their families fed while they recover, and helping with critical TBI treatment.

What happens to Veterans after Brain Treatment

98% - See improvement in sleep
41% - See decrease in depression

87% - See decrease in anxiety

60% See improvement in cognitive ability

48% - See increase in memory
78% - See improvement in processing speed

67% - See improvements in attention


Additionally, with adequate funding Defenders of Freedom will continue to support Veterans for many years to come.

Defenders of Freedom has everything in place to make sure Veterans have the support they need.



Fightz On donate portions of profits from our sales to your selected foundations when ordering apparel. By ordering a cool bit of kit and selecting the Defenders Of Freedom Foundation, you will be directly donating to the cause. 

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