Welcome to the FIGHTZ ON influencer program! Let's give you a run through of the details so we can see if you would be a good fit for our program.


An influencer is someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience. Influencers have specialised knowledge, authority or insight into a specific subject. As an influencer, your job is to help aid the growth, reach and credibility of a brand or company. By definition, to be an influencer, is to influence relevant people in your reach. 


Your tasks as a FIGHTZ ON influencer are to help our company grow through various methods. Some of these methods include:

- Promote FIGHTZ ON in your Social Media using photos & videos of your own. Reposting our content using stories and promoting our product launches, events etc to your audience when relevant.

- Leave breadcrumb links wherever possible to direct people towards our site and services. These places can include: Post captions, bios on Social Media, YouTube video descriptions, podcast promotions, websites and more. 

- Help us reach new clients through word of mouth and recommendation to your immediate and future network. This includes word of mouth, letting friends and family know about us, looking for opportunities to mention us etc. 

- Consume and be involved with our company and what we sell. We want you to be familiar with us and our products, and use what you promote. To do this, we will send out products where we can for you to try, review and use, but we do ask that you make use of our business for your needs.

- In general, just be actively aware of opportunities and chances to help push FIGHTZ ON into the spotlight and be sure to make use of what we can offer.



We want our influencers, and frankly anyone who is associated with our brand to feel like part of what we do and get as many benefits as possible from being a supporter of what we do. The benefits of being an influencer for FIGHTZ ON are as follows:

- As soon as you have signed up, you will be given an immediate 10% discount code that will get you 10% off all of our products.

- You will be given a 5% discount code with a smart discount link that you can give to your friends, followers and audience so they can get a discount too! (This percentage may vary with follower numbers)

- Exclusive access to FIGHTZ ON meetups and events in future

- Exclusive access to our Fightz On Influencer growth group chats where you can learn, connect and develop with our other influencers

- Optionally, you can choose to add our branding to your website and announce yourself as a FIGHTZ ON collaborator, which will add credibility to your website, attract our FIGHTZ ON customer base and also allow us to cross promote with you on our website! It's a win win!



Sounds good does it? Let's get you applied and reviewed so we can bring you into the world of FIGHTZ ON and all the benefits it brings!

To apply, you will need to firstly get in contact with us and tell us that you would like to apply. You will need to include some details, relevant links and information. We don't want to pry, but we do need to keep track of the people who will represent and carry our brand name and logo. The things to include are:


- STANDARD INFO: Your name, date of birth, occupation, military history, CV/Resume if you have one, any criminal records etc.


- SOCIAL PRESENCE: Links for all of your social media profiles, blogs, websites, podcasts etc. 


- PERSONAL STUFF: We want to understand and familiarise with you, what are your dreams? Do you have a motivation? What do you enjoy doing?


- INFLUENCER INFO: Please verify you understand what being an influencer entails. Be sure to send us your contact info, address, email address and phone number so we can add you to all relevant groups and send you a welcome package. 


When you have all the relevant information and want to submit your application, please click here to go to our contact page



Entering this deal means you will be an influencer for our brand. However we are not your sponsor so please refrain from mentioning that we "sponsor" you or your team. This deal does not entitle you to free items, although we will send welcome packs and gifts when possible. The benefits are as stated above.

We hold the right to remove you and anyone from our influencer team at any point. Should we do this, continuing to use our logo and promote yourself as an influencer is a breach and will be dealt with accordingly. Please note if we cancel your influencer status, your discounts will also be deleted and thus unusable.

We hold the right to reject any application, regardless of opinion.