All great brands have a great backstory. Here's ours!

Fightz on was created by Louis Skupien, young entrepreneur, athlete and podcaster. Louis began podcasting on the Talk4 podcast off the back of an idea to create a podcast that was shorter and snappier than traditional podcasts. Having always been a fan of the military, Louis was eager to welcome several service members and veterans to the show.


Louis quickly found that many of the stories being told by these veterans were shocking and that the after military treatment and management of their health and mental wellbeing was incredibly insufficient compared to the levels of trauma they went through. Louis then went on to speak to many veterans about their experiences, how they got through what they were feeling and who helped them often to save their lives and their family's lives.

These questions introduced Louis to the owners of several foundations that were making huge headway in supporting, healing and saving veterans. After speaking with them, it was clear to Louis that he wanted to help support this mission, especially considering that many of his guests had now become personal friends.


Louis however was not a veteran, but worked alongside other veterans to create and direct Fightz On and focus on what he does best, developing businesses and marketing. 


Fightz On now aims to donate portions of profits to any selected foundations to help support them sponsor veterans and to help them heal. What better way to do that then to also have some awesome clothing designs and products to remind you of your donation!


Pitch into the fight today and grab some awesome kit!

Fight's on!